MultiUser Cloud Hosting

What is Multiuser Hosting ?

If you operate a business or manage large projects you know how important a multi-user environment can be. In this post, I’d like to give some tips and tricks on how you can operate a website safely using WordPress’ built-in tools and some advanced features The QBP offers you.

The Benefits Of Multi-User Environments

There are two main benefits that arise from the ability to access software with different user levels – security and convenience.

If only one user has ownership-level access to your hosting account while all the other users have reduced permissions you are mitigating a large portion of risk. Every user has access to what they need and nothing more.

Trust in your users is only part of the issue. Each user has third-party logins that could affect any service – chiefly their email. If someone hacks a trusted employee’s email they could disrupt your application.

As for convenience, giving everyone the access they require can ease their job. If you give a user Billing access in The QBP they will not have access to sites, analytics and other data at all. They just see billing related items like company settings and invoices. Reducing the noise allows billing users to do their jobs more easily. This is also handy in an agency situation where your accountant shouldn’t necessarily have access to site details.

Setting Up A Good Multi-User System In The QBP

In this section, we’ll give you some recommendations through MyKinsta but the general principles can be applied to any hosting environment. In MyKinsta we offer Company and Site users. Company-level users can access company-level information while site-level users have access to individual sites only.

We offer four user roles at the company level.

  1. Company Administrators have access to everything, including all sites.
  2. Company Developers can manage all websites but don’t see company billing or settings.
  3. Company Billing users only have access to company settings and billing information, and do not have access to sites.
  4. A Company Owner has the same permissions as Company Administrators with the added capability to request account closure.

For site level users, we offer two user roles.

  1. Site administrators have access to all environments (live and staging) for assigned sites.
  2. Site developers only have access to staging environments for assigned sites.

Our Features

Redundant Storage

Ceph is leveraged for triple data replication, and the cluster is automatically self healing in the event of hardware or network failures.


Build and deploy applications with standard Openstack based API libraries and CLI tools.

Flexible Billing

Scale up or down as needed. Down to the minute, consumption only, utility-style billing ensures you only pay for the resources you actually use.

Network Protection

All instances come standard with security group firewalls. Any instance can be built with DDoS protection.

Instant Provisioning

Scale quickly with additional compute and storage resources that are provisioned within seconds.

Dedicated Resources

In addition to traditional shared instances, dedicated bare-metal instances are offered.

Some Extra Specifications of MultiUser Cloud Hosting with The QBP

Simplified Cloud Hosting

The FREE control panel makes management super easy. Manage all your email accounts, domains & orders with zero complications. Setup your Cloud Hosting package in minutes and get your website on the cloud.

Instant Setup

You can use your Cloud Hosting Services package from the moment you have completed your purchase - no delays, no elaborate setups! Our engineers are constantly improving setup time for a better product experience and you can also use "Quick Install" with US Servers and with India Servers to effortlessly install CMS / e-commerce or forum scripts.

Cloud Hosting with Fixed Billing

Easy billing with no surprises or hidden charges. Get what you pay for. With simple, up-front pricing you only pay for the duration you want to use the product and renew if you enjoy your experience.


Get faster, more reliable and efficient performance with our Cloud Hosting powered by SSD. With faster access times, your websites will load alomst twice as fast. With no moving parts our SSD storage will help keep your data secure and always available

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